Success Stories

Adult Patient Testimonials

"I waited too long as usual.  My pain was pretty severe and it took quite awhile to get back on track...but now I am.  You'd think I would have learned my lesson that is is more affective to come more regularly after what happened but I tend to "fall off the wagon" on occasion.  Jacque is very good at calling and telling me that "It will only take 5 minutes" so I drag myself in and I am glad I did!  Dr. Gabe and his Chiropractic Assistant Jacque are wonderful in keeping the patients involved in their care.  We love the incentive to keep ourselves learning more about how Chiropractic benefits our lives all the way around."

Kris M.

"When I came to Javurek Chiropractic my neck and back was so stiff it was difficult to move my neck.  I drive a school bus so I had to get it corrected so I could turn my neck.  Dr. Gabe did the scans and I had a quite a few black and red colors on my scans.  Within a week I could function again and the colors on my next scans were better.  I have felt pretty good and my mobility is great!"

Denise S.

"My first experience with chiropractic was nearly 20 years ago.  I had neck pain and the Dr. said I would only need to come see him 3 times.  Nearly 10 years later I started seeing a different chiropractor because I was given a free exam and it was determined that I had some "issues" with my neck and spine.  I continued to seeing that doctor for a few years and then stopped for a year because I just did not feel as if he was doing me any good.  However, I came back when I started getting headaches again.  I now see Dr. Gabe every two weeks and I no longer have lower back pain and the neck pain is considerably better.  My quality of life is a lot better now that I don't have to be in pain all the time.  I am a believer in chiropractic care!"

Sherry H.
Poplar Grove

"In 2003 I had two herniated discs in my lower back.  My employer wanted me to have surgery.  I refused and talked to a Neurosurgeon into letting me have a few chiropractic adjustments.  After about six months I was getting better and the Neurosurgeon checked my back again and after seeing the results from my MRI the Neurosurgeon saw that the chiropractor had helped me.  Now I see a chiropractor every two weeks."

Kevin L.

"Thorough, professional. Dr. Gabe fixed my chronic back issues. I’m a weekend warrior on a mountain bike and do some running during the week. Both were causing me back issues. After a couple visits with Dr. Javurek I’ve never felt better!"

Marc M.

"I came to Dr. Gabe with some pretty serious pain, and through his care I am now pain free. I really appreciate his calm and patient manner, and am especially grateful for the way he listens to symptoms and adjusts the way in which he performs adjustments to fit my comfort levels. I'd recommend him to anytime."

Sarah W.

"I appreciate Dr. Javurek's flexibility with scheduling and he made me feel comfortable getting chiropractic care even though I was a resistant patient."

Emily Z.

"Dr. Gabe is very dedicated to improving your daily health while helping you understand what he is doing, why he is doing it and giving you a better understanding of your overall chiropractic health. He is very warm and welcoming and makes sure you receive the best care. Would highly recommend him many times over, as he will be my forever chiropractor."

Tim F.

"Extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Helped with many different injuries and ailments."

Lucas B.

"Gabe is very good chiropractor, very attentive to details and listens. I have serious problems with my lower back, but Gabe is able to address the problem with traction, and it is working, I would recommend Dr. Gabe Javurek."

Thomas T.

"Got into a fender bender, went to see Dr. Gabe, he got me right in, fixed me right up and fast friendly staff. Excellent!"

John L.

"Great guy. He’s helped me out a lot."

Michael M.

"Love Javurek Chiropractic!!  Great staff...Friendly, Relaxed atmosphere!  Very thorough examination and explanation of why I was having the pain I was having. I'm a holistic thinker...Don't like to take pain medication and with consistent adjustments I don't have to take any. Very, very pleased with the results I'm getting! Thank you Dr. Gabe!!!"

Robin K.

"My family and I have been seen by Javurek Chiropractic for years.  I trust the work he does and the results will speak for itself in a positive light."

Mike I.

"I was having neck pain for about 7 months and have always been afraid of going to the chiropractor. My husband and son go to Dr. Javerek and kept trying to get me to go.  I finally went about a month ago to see how it all worked and would recommend him to anyone. I have always been scared of getting my neck cracked and he explained to me the process of what he does and let me take my time until I was comfortable enough to do the neck crack manual. He listen to my concerns and makes great recommendations. My neck is feeling much better and I am continuing to go back each week."

Sherri T.

"I had a sciatic nerve problem so bad that I could not function. My wife has been going to Dr. Gabe for several years so she called his office on a Saturday. The office was not open, but Dr. Gabe called my wife back within a couple of hours. He set up an appointment for me the following Monday. After x-rays and several tests, he started me on treatments. It took a couple of months for all of the pain and numbness to go away, but he finally corrected my issues. I now go to Dr. Javurek for maintenance and am feeling great!! Thanks."

Gordon A.

"I've been going to Dr. Javurek for 9 years now. Before seeing him I had bad headaches nearly every day and my lower back was a mess as well. I could hardly stand straight. After a full exam we discovered the problem and set up a program to correct the issue. I can now function a lot better. I highly recommend him!"

Rhonda T.

"I was afraid to go in at first. After having Dr. Gabe explain all processes and procedures to me, I was more at ease. Now I go two times a week. My neck and lower back pain have decreased enough for me to make it through an eight hour day at my desk. Small, friendly, and personable."

Kid S.

"I have been going to Dr. Gabe for adjustments since his business opened up in Belvidere. If my appointment is scheduled or an emergency call, he works it out to help. Adjustments from a Chiropractor are not a once in a life time thing. Just like anything else in your life (your vehicle, house, yard, etc.), continued maintenance and care is what you need and Dr. Gabe will do that for you so that you can heal and continue the lifestyle you enjoy."

Jenny M.

"Dr. Javurek is great. Staff is always very nice and accommodating.  Love that I can get in and out efficiently."

Julie B.

"I was having lower back and neck problems but since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Javurek it has gotten significantly better.  He also offers a weight loss program that I tried for 6 weeks and lost 26 pounds. If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Belvidere area I would highly recommend Dr. Javurek."

Shaun T.

"I've had a very good experience with Dr. Javurek. Very pleased with my care. I'm on a maintenance basis now. He listens and lets me decide how often I need to see him."

Laura P.

"I've been going to Javurek Chiropractic for years. I have trouble with my back slipping and with regular adjustments we have prevented this from happening. A side benefit is my general health seems to be better. Would recommend them."

Wayne J.

"I have had back problems for many years and have tried everything possible but with no luck with relief of pain until I went to Javurek Chiropractic. I had relief the very first visit, I was always skeptical about chiropractic care but I am a believer now. Great staff and clean facility couldn't ask for better care."

Chris C.

"Friendly staff and quick in and out visits!  I've been a patient of Dr. Gabe's for 3 1/2 years, he was very accommodating and made my visits comfortable during my pregnancy with my daughter."

Abbey G.

"I went there with little hope of my lower back ever being right but after a very in depth exam and explanation of what the problem is now I’m like new. I will recommend to anyone going to see Dr. Gabe even if it’s just for a spinal checkup. It has given me the mobility and ability to do things I haven't done in years.

Ramona and Brett F.

"I've been a patient for a few years now, and Dr. Gabe adjusts me regularly to keep my body working at its best!"

Christine G.

"He is amazing doctor. I'm so glad I went here. It's been two weeks and I'm feeling better."

Autumn H.

"I've been a patient for 10+ years and every time that I've had a problem Dr. Gabe has helped me through it so much!  Currently I am seeing him weekly to keep from having flare ups, and to keep my immune system strong!"

Diane B.

"I've been going here for years and never had a complaint about Dr. Gabe. Manual adjustments are the best!"


"Exceptional office! Dr. Javurek is very competent, thorough and efficient. I'd recommend to everyone."

Sam P.

"Very Friendly office. I always leave feeling better."

Martha S.

"Came with horrible lower back pain and now it's almost subsided because of him!!!"

Shahrazad S.

"Went in for aches and pains, cleared up my sinuses. Very friendly and personable."

Greg L.

"Dr. Gabe has done wonders with keeping my allergies in check as well as my back doesn't hurt anymore."

Josh R.

"Great doctor."

Sheila A.

Child Testimonials

"My dad took me to the chiropractor because of my curved back.  We thought the chiropractor could help.  I have been going for almost a year now and we think my back is looking better.  I feel better too!"

Hannah L.
Age 9

"I used to have really bad headaches and now after receiving chiropractic care I hardly have headaches anymore."

Michaela B.
Age 12

"Chiropractic adjustments make me feel better and I am more calmer."

Alayna W.
Age 10

"I had a virus in my eye and it was very puffy.  My dad took me to Javurek Chiropractic to see if chiropractic would help.  I have been going for over a year now and my eye isn't not as puffy anymore!  I feel better overall as a result."

McKenzy L.
Age 13 

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